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Banner Ad

We know that every one is concerned about budgets!

We have tried our best to keep the costs down as low as possible whilst still offering the highest quality service, the cost covers site insertion, upkeep of the website, and goes towards advertising and promoting the site within the region.

All this for only £ 75.

There is an optional extra charge for a full description of what you do or provide.

Lets break it down :

Full address and logo - £ 75 [ more ]
A full description of your company - £ 25 [ more ]
Image of your shop front (provided by us) - £ 30 (provided by you) - £ 10
Virtual reality- £ 150 [ more ]
Small banners ads - £ 15 (per month) [ see below ]
Full size banner ads - £ 35 (per month) [ see below ]
For the production of a banner contact us (this may vary according to size and whether the banner is an image or animated)

For full details of the above go to about us.

We take care of everything else for you, how's that for a service ?

Banner Ads :

Example of small banners -

Banner Ad Still Animated

Example of a full size banner -

Banner Ad Still

See example of an animated full banner at the start of this page.